LeBron James Shouts Out Pistons' Ausar Thompson After Win vs. Nets


During the game that took place on Thursday night, the Detroit Pistons rookie Ausar Thompson had a terrific performance against the Brooklyn Nets.  

In the first place, he had a back slam of his become viral after the NBA posted it during the last minutes of the game, when the Pistons were gradually regaining their advantage.  

LeBron James, the most famous player in the league, then showed his support for Thompson by sending him some words of warmth.  

The star for the Los Angeles Lakers went on Instagram to thank Thompson for another great play. Thompson quickly crossed over his blocker to get by him .

Thompson was able to approach the hoop and shoot a slam while also doing a quick cross-up motion to get around his opponent. The action was captured on James' Instagram account, and he shared it again on his story.  

In the game against the Nets that took place on Thursday night, Thompson participated in more than forty minutes of action. He made six of his twelve shots, which resulted in him scoring 14 points on the attacking end of the court.  

In spite of the fact that he had a difficult time from beyond the arc, missing all but two of his seven efforts from that distance, the rookie player for the Pistons still managed to score points in other areas of the game.  

Thompson not only scored points, but he also made a significant contribution to the rebounding department, grabbing seven of them. In addition to that, he was able to acquire a steal and a block.  

The Pistons, who are in the process of rebuilding their team, have had a difficult time winning games this season, but they were able to make it through Thursday's match against the Nets triumphant.   

With a victory that resulted in a score of 118-112, the Pistons accomplished their tenth victory of the year. This victory allowed them to maintain their position in 14th place, just ahead of the Washington Wizards for the time being.  

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