Lonnie Walker IV shines in the Nets' win against the 76ers


Lonnie Walker IV was important to the Nets' win over the 76ers. The hot shooting guard scored 19 points and had a game-high +29 plus-minus, demonstrating his huge impact on the win.  

The 76ers scored after Kevin Ollie substituted Lonnie, 25, after he missed an easy rebound. KO was upset because he said the Nets must play energetically, especially on the glass.   

In response to this, Lonnie played with greater intensity and had a significant performance in the victory. He was able to make a significant effect.  

When Coach KO challenged Lonnie, he said, "He put some more energy into my soul. As far as I gotta lock in and really pick it up and understand we're not taking these possessions for granted, we're playing the right way."   

"To say the least, I owe it to my teammates at this point. He has been putting me to the test. Considering that he was the assistant coach, he is a wonderful person; that is the person I was with, both inside and out.  

Walker has been the team's primary bench option since the season began under former coach Jacque Vaughn. Despite injury setbacks, he has been a reliable bench player.  

Lonnie knows the weight of his role, so he played his whole game in the win over Philly. He was making three-pointers and attacking the rim, giving his teammates more open looks.  

As a sixth man, Lonnie brings that kind of weight to the team, and he does a great job. Lonnie really stepped up and changed the game for the Nets, so Coach KO should be happy with how he played.  

Walker believes he can do more with his minutes, moving forward. This is a good mindset, especially since Brooklyn will demand all from its players in the Play-In Tournament.  

I haven't found my offensive rhythm post-All-Star break, so I'm attempting to stack the days. I came into this game more focused, a lot more in tune," Lonnie remarked in his post-game presser, discussing his desire to improve.  

This kind of performance by Lonnie will be crucial for a Play-In position. This kind of performance will boost effort, which is good for a Nets club that needs it.  

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