'Look at Harden's feet': Critical no-call changed course of Wolves-Clippers


The NBA's "Last Two Minute Report" following Sunday's Timberwolves-Clippers game won't count because James Harden's important missed travelling call occured with just over two minutes left in the Clippers' 89-88 win.   

Jim Pete's and-1 gave the Clippers the lead. "Look at Harden's feet," Timberwolves announcer Michael Grady informed analyst Jim Petersen during the replay. He tallied Harden's illegal steps: "One, two, three, four."  

Milliseconds after Harden visibly travelled, he threw the ball to Kawhi Leonard, who scored, drew a foul, and sank the free throw to give the Clippers an 87-84 lead with 2 minutes and one second remaining in the game.   

If the officials had called Harden for travelling, the Clippers would have never been able to earn those three points,.

The Wolves would have been in possession of the ball with two minutes remaining on the clock and the game knotted.   

The decision to not call a foul on Harden would have kept the pressure on the Clippers and altered the trajectory of the game's last two minutes, but the decision to not call the foul on Harden created pressure for the Timberwolves.   

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