Love Is Blind: 8 Times Chelsea Blackwell Was Humbled By The Internet, Ranked

Chelsea Blackwell has become the most well-known cast member from Love Is Blind season 6. Read on to see a list of 8 times the internet made her feel bad.

A video of Chelsea displaying her hat and boots while holding a drink was uploaded on Instagram on February 18, 2024. The video was released by Chelsea as part of another TikTok that she shared on Instagram. 

1. Chelsea Got Dragged

Chelsea talked about the trouble straight on Instagram on February 16, 2024. A TikTok video of her putting on makeup showed her mouthing the words "Nothing makes me scared."

2. Get Ready With Me 

Chelsea posted an Instagram photo of herself with a Christmas tree on December 16, 2023. Love Is Blind season 6 actress strokes her long ponytail with red nails while looking away.

3. Merry Crisis 

The caption for the photo that Chelsea uploaded to Instagram on January 9, 2024, read "In my happy girl era," and it was followed by a star and a heart emoji. The photo was a selfie within a selfie.

4. Happy Girl Era

Chelsea shared an Instagram picture of herself in a pink cap and a wicker chair on January 12, 2024. In the background was a city skyline at night. 

5. Ladies Night Didn't Go Over Well 

On December 26, 2023, Chelsea uploaded an Instagram snapshot of herself in a sequinned dress holding a bottle of champagne before New Year's Eve. The hateful comments compared her to Jay Leno and the Scream masked murderer.

6. Happy New Year Post Got Heat 

Chelsea tweeted Love Is Blind season 6 beach chicks on February 7, 2024. Chelsea spins on her chair, coyly pushing her spectacles down, as AD Smith, Amy Cortes, Laura Dadisman, and Chelsea relax around a riverbank fire pit. 

7. The Women Of Love Is Blind 

Chelsea shared a Love Is Blind season 6 promotional photo on Instagram on February 21, 2024, with her name, age, and job as a flight attendant and event coordinator. 

8. Love Is Blind Promo Shot

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