Maple Cheesecake Recipe

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It's so creamy and tasty that the Ultimate Maple Cheesecake will beat out any pie on your Thanksgiving dessert table!  


FOR THE CRUST – 1 1/2 cups graham cracker crumb – 1/2 cup walnuts – 4 Tbsp butter, melted – 1/4 cup brown sugar FOR THE FILLING – 32 ounces cream cheese, room temperature – 1 cup packed brown sugar – 3 tsp vanilla extract – 1/2 tsp salt – 2 Tbsp flour – 4 large eggs, room temperature – 1/2 cup dark maple syrup , I used this dark and robust syrup FOR THE TOPPING – 1 1/4 cups maple caramel sauce, (one batch – recipe here)

Preheat oven to 350?F. Double foil the bottom and sides of a 9-inch spring form cheesecake pan. It will protect your cake from the water bath while baking, so do this carefully.

Step 1 


In a food processor, pulse the crumbs, nuts, sugar, and melted butter until uniformly incorporated and no nuts remain.

Step 2

The flat bottom of a measuring cup can assist press the crust evenly into the pan and an inch up the sides. Bake 8 minutes. 

Step 3

Blend cream cheese, sugar, vanilla, salt, and flour in a large food processor until smooth. If necessary, scrape the sides of the b owl.

Step 4

Drop eggs one at a time into the machine and let them mix before adding more. Add the maple syrup and mix well, scraping the bowl as needed for a creamy consistency.

Step 5

I strain the filling to remove air bubbles. Strain it directly into the crust (you'll need a helper) or into a bowl and pour into the crust. Sharply tap the pan on the counter to expel air bubbles.

Step 6

Add two inches of boiling water to a bigger pan to create a water bath. Cook cakes evenly. Bake for 70–75 minutes. Cake will be jiggly in core and surrounding.  

Step 7

Off the oven and keep the cake inside for another hour with the door ajar. The cake will finish cooking now. 

Step 8

Remove cake from oven and water bath. Cool fully on a rack.  After cooling, cover the cake with a clean dish cloth and refrigerate overnight. I leave mine overnight.

Step 9

Serve the cake sliced. For sharpest slices, I put my knife in boiling water and wipe dry between cuts.

Step 10

Put some maple caramel sauce on top of the cake or just put some whipped cream on top and sprinkle some freshly chopped nutmeg on top of that. Yum. 

Step 11

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