Mary's Post-Germany Young Sheldon Season 7 Story Teased By Producer

Season 7 of Young Sheldon will finally bring Mary and Sheldon back to Texas, and co-showrunner Steve Holland gives us a sneak peek at her new life.

By Young Sheldon season 7, Mary must adjust to her new life. Due to the Big Bang Theory prequel, the Cooper family has lived apart since Young Sheldon season 6.

Mary keeps an eye on Sheldon while he is in Germany for the summer studying while George and his family deal with the damage from the storm.

Mary co-showrunner Steve Holland teased TVLine about the show after Germany. In "Ants on a Log and a Cheating Winker," Young Sheldon's eighth episode, Mary and Sheldon return to Texas.

The show will air on March 7.Young Sheldon's shortened final season only has 11 episodes left after three episodes have already been shown. We can be sure that the rest of the show's run will be about families.

The new programme Mandy and Georgie will continue the Cooper family's Texas journey after that. Even though their programme is a continuation of Young Sheldon, Montana Jordan and Emily Osment have yet to announce their cast.

Georgie and Mandy's Young Sheldon spinoff should star Mary if the creators want to stick to the past. The Big Bang Theory says the oldest Cooper child took control after George died suddenly.

This will definitely happen in one of the next few episodes of the spinoff. Georgie has made a false claim if Young Sheldon stops and he moves far away from his family.

They won't be protected by him. Mary and Missy should visit briefly.If CBS doesn't bring Mary back in Young Sheldon's spinoff, they should show that she became Laurie Metcalf's elder version on The Big Bang Theory. 

Zoe Perry's younger and future selves share some features yet are extremely different. Young Sheldon should explain how she returns to church after season 5's disappointment.

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