Netflix’s Spaceman Rotten Tomatoes Score Breaks An Adam Sandler Career Hot Streak

Spaceman, starring Adam Sandler, has a lower Rotten Tomatoes score than expected for a Sandler drama.The new Adam Sandler film Spaceman's Rotten Tomatoes score is announced.  

Spaceman, directed by John Renck, follows Jakub, an astronaut who worries about his life on Earth half a year into his solo space journey. He enlists the help of an ancient creature he finds aboard his ship.   

Along with Sandler, Spaceman stars Carey Mulligan, Kunal Nayyar, Paul Dan, and Isabella Rossellini. Spaceman currently has a 62% Rotten Tomatoes rating. This score may vary since only 47 critics have rated the film.  

Spaceman has a better 83% audience score.Sandler's Rotten Tomatoes scores have been poor throughout his career. Spaceman evaluations compare favorably to Jack and Jill (3%), Grown Ups 2 (8%), and I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry (14%).  

However, Sandler's low-rated films are comedies.However, Sandler's serious parts have garnered praise. Sandler's recent dramatic roles include Uncut Gems, The Meyerowitz Stories, and Hustle.  

Rotten Tomatoes gave the three films Certified Fresh scores of above 90% and reviewer approval ratings of 91%, 92%, and 93%. Punch-Drunk Love, a darker 2002 picture, got Sandler a Golden Globe nomination.  

Given Sandler's recent actions, Spaceman's decent score disappoints. Since Renck praised Sandler's Spaceman performance, emphasizing his uniqueness, this is disheartening. Spaceman should appeal to viewers if they rate it higher than critics.  

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