Nets Asst. GM Jeff Peterson officially shifts to Hornets for top exec role


Ex-Nets consultant Steve Clifford will be reuniting with Peterson, and he is excited to take over the Hornets' rebuilding efforts.  

After days of negotiations and contract finalisation, Brooklyn Nets associate general manager Jeff Peterson is now Charlotte Hornets' Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations.   

Wednesday's special news conference revealed Sean Marks' front-office protégé, the league's youngest senior executive, to the media along with Hornets co-owners Rick Schnall and Gabe Plotkin.  

A reunion between Peterson and Steve Clifford, the head coach of the Hornets, takes place as Peterson begins a new chapter in the Queen City.   

The 62-year-old mentor worked as a coaching adviser for the Nets during the 2021–22 season. During their short time working together in Brooklyn, he became very close with Jeff. 

"Life is funny because you never know how it will turn out." So Cliff and I ran into each other in Brooklyn. It was his job to help us coach there. I didn't know him before that.  

I thought he was always mad and never smiled. But I quickly learned that wasn't true, whether it was at a dinner party, on the golf course, or somewhere else. 

I'm grateful for that year with him since I learned from him. I can't express how helpful it was to sit with him and ask him about his experiences, successes, and failures. I'm looking forward to seeing Cliff.”  

The four and a half seasons of productive experience that Peterson gained while serving as Brooklyn's assistant general manager will be brought from Brooklyn to him.  

As the team's basketball decision-maker, the 35-year-old faces a big problem. He must lead the Hornets to a new era and end their NBA mediocrity. The team hasn't made the playoffs since 2015-16.  

LaMelo Ball, Brandon Miller, and Miles Bridges are the cornerstones of Jeff's big plan for the team's bright future, so he's not stressed out about the tough job.  

Peterson said, "Our main goal is to have long-term success." "We don't want to make the playoffs one year and then not make it back for three or four years." Our goal is for this to last and for this team to become a regular winner.  

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