"Next Reboot Thanks": Original The Crow Director Responds To Bill Skarsgård's Remake Look

The director of the 1994 movie The Crow, Alex Proyas, talks about Bill Skarsgård's look as the main character in the 2024 remake that went viral.  

Alex Proyas considers Bill Skarsgård's appearance in The Crow revival. Proyas' 1994 Crow starred Brandon Lee. In Rupert Sanders' film, Skarsgård portrays musician Eric Draven, reincarnated as The Crow, seeking retribution for the murder of his fiancée (FKA Twigs).  

The movie's photos of Draven with face tattoos and shorter hair were criticized on social media and compared to Joker's look in Suicide Squad. Proyas posted a spoof of Eric Draven's look from The Crow revival on Facebook.  

The director captioned a movie photo, "Eric Draven's hair is messed up. Next reboot, thanks." He commented on the photographs, stating, "I guess he's supposed to be a nasty mofo with all those tats and werewolves and skulls on his jacket," and "Samuel Adams! Jesus!  

He might drink something nastier."Proyas has previously opposed the reboot. Prior to criticizing the new Eric Draven, the filmmaker had tried to prevent a reboot of The Crow. He believes the original movie should honor Lee, its star.  

The late celebrity was died in a shooting accident while filming a scene in which Eric Draven is shot, making the film part of his legacy. After Lee's death, Proyas finished the film to celebrate his performance.  

New statements by Proyas on The Crow may be driven by the same sentiment or protectiveness of the character.The new film's direct reboot status is unknown.   

The new movie may tell a different story from the Lee concept due to Draven's contemporary style. Following the initial film, three further 

The Crow films and a TV show were made with different actors playing the title role. It may create a path that feels unrelated to Lee's legacy and Proyas' concerns.   

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