Nikola Jokic Had LeBron James Laughing With Friendly Trash Talk Ahead of Milestone Night


Many people believe that Nikola Jokić, a player for the Denver Nuggets, is the best player in the National Basketball Association (NBA) at the moment.   

This is a title that was formerly held by LeBron James, a player for the Los Angeles Lakers.At this point in his career, James may not be considered the best player in the league.

but, he is still considered to be one of the finest players in the NBA and receives a great deal of respect from his contemporaries, including Jokić.During the Lakers-Nuggets showdown that took place on Saturday.

Jokić made it a point to engage in some friendly trash talk with the Lakers star player before the opening tip. James was nine points away from exceeding 40,000 points in his career at the time of the contest.  

It should come as no surprise that James made his 40,000th point on a driving layup with 10 minutes and 39 seconds remaining in the second quarter.   

If LeBron James is serious about winning his second NBA championship as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers later this summer.

he is well aware that the Nuggets, who are now the reigning champions of the NBA, are the team that stands in his way on the path to the championship series.  

There are still a great deal of unwritten chapters in the rivalry between James and Jokić in the Western Conference, despite the fact that James is 39 years old and is getting close to the end of his already legendary career.  

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