Nuggets to miss White House visit to focus on Timberwolves game


"They're cancelling that trip to the White House to prioritise that Minnesota Timberwolves game on the 19th."

How worried are the Nuggets about repeating as Western Conference frontrunners? They'll skip the White House to focus on their March matchup against the Wolves.

TNT Sports' Chris B. Haynes said the Nuggets' trip to the White House, which is given to U.S. teams that win their various sports titles, was supposed to happen in January. 

 That had to be pushed back because of a scheduling problem with the Biden administration. The new date is March 18. Indeed, Haynes says that's where the conflict comes in.

"Just last week I was informed that the Nuggets were concerned now because ... March 19 they play the Timberwolves in Minnesota," said Haynes. 

"Now that game is a little more important than they thought it would be when they rescheduled their trip to the White House, and it has implications for the No. 1 seed."

"The Nuggets have made a difficult decision to cancel their trip to the White House in order to prioritise the Minnesota Timberwolves game on the 19th. This decision is driven by their efforts to secure the No. 1 seed."

The Wolves are currently in first place in the Western Conference, but they have been in that position for a significant portion of the season. 

On the other hand, their lead at the top of the Western Conference is a tenuous one because they are only a half-game ahead of the Thunder and only one game ahead of the Nuggets.

Over the last 19 games of the season, Minnesota and Denver will play each other three times. The fourth game of the season was the first meeting between the teams, and the Wolves won it 110–89.

In the event that the two clubs do end up playing each other in the playoffs, it will be critical for the higher seed to maintain their position because they will have the advantage of playing on their home court.

Haynes stated that this was a "basketball decision" not a political message."The White House wanted the Nuggets to go along for the visit, the Nuggets wanted to do it but the schedule just didn't work out this time around," Haynes said.

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