Onuralp Bitim shares he shunned numerous offers from top European teams to pursue his NBA dream


The rookie wingman for the Chicago Bulls, Onuralp Bitim, has not had as fortunate of a life in basketball as many NBA stars who went through the AAU circuit before heading to the NCAA and spending a season there.   

Bitim has not had a particularly privileged basketball career. In order to become a member of the Bulls, the 24-year-old player has had to work hard and put in a lot of effort.   

He has even turned down multiple offers from big European clubs that would have provided him with a nice existence.Despite this, Bitim remained adamant about reaching the NBA.

which is widely considered to be the most prestigious basketball stage in the world, and he continues to do everything in his power to shine for the Bulls. 

With injuries reducing the Bulls' roster, Bitim's two-way contract was converted to a normal one. In his third NBA game, Bitim scored 10 points and grabbed six rebounds in the Bulls' 132-123 double-overtime triumph over the Cavaliers.  

Bitim explained that this wasn't his first rodeo, but many people were impressed by his composure in crunchtime. He started playing professional basketball in Turkey at 17.

Bitim returned to Turkey for personal problems after playing high school basketball alongside Miles Bridges at Huntington Prep. Despite the setback, he remained focused on making the NBA despite European teams' intense interest.  

By then, the NBA was my main goal, and I valued improvement over money. I selected this place because I want to play in the NBA and understand the game, something I can't do elsewhere. Many European teams wanted me. I'm excited to begin the long path, Bitim said.  

So, yeah, there is a significant amount of additional money with the best European clubs. Simply said, I never give any thought to the money. Exactly like that, my family brought me up.   

All I know is what I want to do, and I am confident that if I pursue my aspirations, the money will come to me. Having said that, I absolutely adore playing basketball. Personally, I am a fan of basketball.  

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