Pistons Reserve Leaves Cade Cunningham Impressed vs. Miami Heat


Cade Cunningham discusses a member of his squad that has stood out to him.During his time with the Detroit Pistons, Simone Fontecchio has quickly found his footing and is making significant progress.  

Cade Cunningham, a standout player for the Pistons, is having an easier time on the court thanks to the Italian sharpshooter, who is continually dazzling his colleagues.  

In response to a question about the significance of the trade acquisition, Cunningham stated to the media, "I am definitely impressed." "However, I can't say that I'm overly surprised," she said.  

He has been with the Pistons for almost a month now. It was almost time for the NBA trade deadline, and the Pistons made several moves before the time ran out.  

The Utah Jazz wanted Kevin Knox, so the Pistons traded their experienced player to get Fontecchio, a 2017 undrafted prospect who hasn't played in the NBA until 2022.  

Fontecchio started 34 of 50 games in his last Utah season. Fontecchio averaged nine points and 39 percent threes in 23 minutes per night.  

Fontecchio has played for the Pistons for a total of nine games prior to the game that took place on Tuesday between the Pistons and the Miami Heat.   

Although Fontecchio started in five of those games, the Pistons have been experimenting with a rotation that includes him coming off the bench in some of those games.  

There were sixteen shots that Fontecchio attempted, twelve of which were from beyond the arc. He was on the court for about thirty minutes after coming off the bench.  

In total, he scored 22 points and made 42 percent of his three-point shots. After Cunningham, Fontecchio finished in second place for Detroit in terms of scoring, trailing him by one point. 

Even though the Pistons were unable to defeat the Heat in the game, Detroit was able to find a silver lining in the fact that they continue to see a great deal of value in the trade acquisition that they made from the Jazz.  

Cunningham said about Fontecchio, "His IQ for the game, his feel for the game—you could throw him out there with anyone and he'd figure it out." "He's been very important to us.  

He's helped us a lot with the game. We will continue to get used to him, and he will continue to learn how things work here. Eventually, we will all work well together.  

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