Rings Of Power Season 2 Update Is Risking A Worrying Release Trend

If Rings of Power season 2 came out in the summer of 2024, it would set a trend with another famous fantasy show, which would be a big risk for Amazon.  

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power season 2 may be released in summer 2024, a risky tendency that could hurt the series. Amazon renewed the Prime Video series for several seasons after a successful 2022 debut.   

Lord of the Rings had amazing viewership on Netflix, but Rings of Power has been panned, suggesting season 2 may not. If Prime Video releases the series in summer 2024, things may worsen.  

Screen Rant reports that Rings of Power season 2 would debut in 2024 after surviving strike delays in 2023. Season 1's summer 2022 debut means Prime Video will release the Middle-earth saga in summer.  

House of the Dragon, another popular fantasy series, is planned to premiere its second season in June 2024, which could affect The Rings of Power.  

Rings of Power and House of the Dragon, fantasy spinoffs of enormously successful IP, released their first seasons weeks apart in summer 2022. Both succeeded, and future seasons are assured.   

HBO set a June 2024 release date for House of the Dragon season 2 in November 2023, while Rings of Power showrunner Patrick McKay claimed post-production may take two years.  

These two shows' 2023 news suggested their second seasons would be released considerably later than their first, however Rings of Power's 2024 streaming announcement changed this.  

House of the Dragon and Rings of Power may overlap again, which worked out OK in season 1, but not in season 2.Prime Video reported that Rings of Power was its most-watched series, however its success has been disputed.  

The show was criticized for Tolkien canon changes and technical faults that may have annoyed viewers. With an 83% Rotten Tomatoes reviewer score and 38% audience score, Rings of Power's first season was divided.  

House of the Dragon did well.The Game of Thrones spinoff has more consistent Rotten Tomatoes scores, 93% for critics and 82% for audiences. Rings of Power season 2 may suffer if streamed near House of the Dragon.  

When Prime Video distributes Rings of Power in summer 2024, it will compete with the more popular House of the Dragon.Rings of Power was widely panned before season 1 began streaming, therefore Prime Video struggled.   

Due to season 1's success, the distributor is investing more in season 2. Unfortunately, Screen Rant claims that 37% of Rings of Power fans finished season 1. However, these viewers are unlikely to return for season 2, cutting 2024 viewership for Prime Video.  

If fantasy lovers must choose between Rings of Power and House of the Dragon, this dilemma will worsen. If fans want another fantasy series after House of the Dragon season 2, Prime Video may want to offer it in autumn 2024.  

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