Riz's Decision & Vannak's Death Set Up Master Chief's Original Halo Story To Finally Be Told

The original Halo story of Master Chief can finally be shared, since the rest of John-117's Silver Team met different ends in Halo season 2.

Halo season 2 begins Master Chief John-117's story. Pablo Schrieber plays the "Silver Timeline" of Paramount's live-action Halo series, which takes place before the original Halo game. 

John-117 and the Silver Team were Spartan-IIs, but Halo season 2 revealed their fates and set Master Chief up for his most legendary solo mission.

Halo season 2, episode 5 shows this parallel timeline's Fall of Reach aftermath. John-117 and his friends flee to Aleria, a colony world, after barely escaping the Covenant's glassing. 

The episode also reveals the fates of Vannak-134 (Bentley Kalu), Riz-028 (Natasha Culzac), and Kai-125 (Kate Kennedy), preparing Master Chief for his most famous Halo adventure.

Office of Naval Intelligence and UNSC Fleet Command machinations plagued Silver Team from Halo season 2's start. ONI's Col. James Ackerson first portrayed John-117 as mentally ill. 

This discredited the Chief's claim that the Covenant was already on Reach, a threat suppressed due to the futility of resistance and a desire to reduce chaos and panic.

Since Silver Team was taken from active duty, Kai-125 left with Ackerson in secret before Reach's collapse to train his new Spartan-IIIs from Halo season 2, episode 5. 

 In Halo season 2, episode 4, the last three Silver Team members faced the Covenant's attack without their armour, which ONI took during its retreat. Vannak was slain by Covenant Arbiter Var 'Gatanai. 

In Halo 2, episode 5, Vannak is incinerated after his funeral.Riz-028's Fall of Reach injuries, combined with earlier mission injuries, convinced her to resign from Sparta. 

Riz stays with the Aleria colonists instead of fighting with John-117 and Doctor Catherine Halsey. It appears that John-117 is the last Silver Team member.The loss of Silver Team may affect Master Chief personally.

However, it prepares John-117 for the live-action Paramount programme to adapt Halo: Combat Evolved, the first game in the franchise in which he was one of the last Spartan-IIs after Reach.

Master Chief fights Covenant for first Halo ring alone, despite UNSC Marine support.The Halo 2 finale may reveal Kai-125 and Spartan-IIIs. Kai and John's reconciliation seems unlikely considering Master Chief's ambition to avenge ONI and FLEETCOM, especially Ackerson. 

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