Should Knicks Have Traded For Marcus Smart?


Marcus Smart may have been an intriguing trade deadline target for the New York Knicks, despite the fact that his injury has prevented him from playing for an extended period of time.  

The Knicks and other NBA teams must make do until the offseason as the trade deadline and deadline to add free players to playoff rosters have passed.

Bleacher Report detailed a move every NBA wishes it could execute after the deadline. Manhattan would have acquired Marcus Smart for Mitchell Robinson and two draft picks (one first-rounder).    

According to Zach Buckley of the Bleacher Report, New York has the option to shift its focus away from Robinson, as its roster, when not excessively constrained by injury, has consistently generated a significant number of competent substitutes.  

In exchange, the team would receive Smart, a top head-of-the-snake defender who might satisfy their need for offensive depth, and more trade options if their most sought player becomes available.  

It is noteworthy to mention that Smart has not participated in any games since experiencing a finger dislocation in early January. However, considering his initial six-week schedule, it is reasonable to expect that he is approaching a potential return.  

Robinson's December ankle injury sparked a string of injuries that cost the Knicks OG Anunoby and Julius Randle. Robinson, one of the Knicks' few homegrown players, is decent, but Smart is fascinating.  

Smart has been a Boston Celtic for a long time and is a division rival. Head coach Tom Thibodeau would likely want to keep Smart because he is known as one of the best defensive guards in the game.   

It's possible that Smart will be a player to keep an eye on if the Knicks make another trade this offseason and are ready to let Robinson go. Smart is signed until 2026.  

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