Should You Plant Zucchini With Tomatoes This Season?

Don't know if tomatoes and zucchini should be grown together in the garden? Two popular garden plants produce lots of fruit, but should they be planted together? This article by gardening expert Liessa Bowen discusses whether to grow tomatoes with zucchini or other plants.  

1. Tomatoes

An annual garden plant, tomatoes produce round, juicy fruits. There are several hybrids and cultivars of tomatoes, including little ones for pots and huge ones that yield abundant harvests throughout the season.  

2. Zucchini

Zucchini is a prolific, long, green summer squash.  There are many more summer squash types to discover. Small white, huge green, flattened, or oblong summer squash are available.   

3. Timing of Planting

Plan your planting timing. Start zucchini and tomatoes from seed, although zucchini should be seeded outside after the last frost and tomatoes indoors before. Nursery-grown tomatoes are usually small.  

4. Gardening Style

This makes these plants versatile. Plant on your back porch, fifth-floor balcony, or other convenient yard location. Grow these plants in pots or a garden. They like raised beds and rows. Unless you are planting lesser varieties, these plants spread and require a lot of space.  

5. Ideal Growing Conditions

Luckily, zucchini and tomatoes grow well together, making them easy to grow. Your plants should thrive if you follow these fundamental requirements, whether they're neighbors or at opposite ends of your yard.  

6. Common Pest

Luckily, neither veggie has many garden pests. You should still check your plants during the growing season. Early pest and disease detection helps plants recover. Airflow and sickness reduction are improved by spacing plants.  

7. Final Thoughts

You now understand tomato and zucchini cultivation. These tasty garden fruits are easy to grow and rewarding. Grow them as companions or in mixed gardens. Try growing different plants together and be creative with planting layouts.  

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