SI:AM | NBA Competition Committee Looking Into Offensive Surge, per Report


Today, NBA scoring is simpler than ever—not just in the All-Star Game. That comical display in Indianapolis earlier this month sparked much debate about the future of the All-Star Game, but the 211–186 final score was the top of a long-term trend.

Over the previous few years, NBA scoring has progressively increased to its highest level in over 50 years. However, the NBA may act.  

According to ESPN's Tim Bontemps and Kevin Pelton, “the league's competition committee has officially begun reviewing whether the game has tilted too far towards offence and whether changes need to be implemented to achieve better balance.”  

“It is a topic that we’re monitoring,” NBA head of basketball operations Joe Dumars told ESPN. “We're diving in right now to make sure we're on the right side.”  

All sports leagues must decide how to adjust rules to make the game seem good and engage viewers. MLB has done it with the pitch clock, baseball composition changes, and defensive shift bans.   

Stats show that offences win. Teams average 115.3 points per game this season. That's the highest since 1969–70. Teams average 115.7 points per 100 possessions, the most since possession data was collected in 1974–75.  

This season, teams are averaging 12.8 made threes per game, the most in league history, but the analytics revolution and the increase in three-point attempts are not the only reasons.   

Even though more shots are difficult three-pointers, the league field goal percentage is.475, greater than in any season since '89–90. This season, teams attempted 35.0 threes per game, up from 6.6 in 1989–90.  

That means players are getting more easier two-pointers than before. Between 2012–13 and 2021–22, the league field goal percentage was.449–.466. Last season, it reached.475.   

This season's surge in individual scoring has been the most obvious sign of this new offensive reality. Six 60-point games this season are the third most in NBA history. In 1961–62 and ’62–63, Wilt Chamberlain dominated the stat sheet.   

Not simply ultra-rare scoring outbursts are rising. More players are scoring at attainable levels. This season has seen 121 40-point games, including Luka Dončić's last night.   

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