Square Enix Celebrates Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth's Launch With a Sneak Peek at Kingdom Hearts 4

Square Enix unveiled a Final Fantasy VII Rebirth-themed Kingdom Hearts 4. Sora's travels feature many Final Fantasy characters, hence the games are similar.  

Sephiroth, the wicked protagonist of Rebirth, was a "Super Boss" in the original Kingdom Hearts.  

Square Enix X (formerly Twitter) gave impatient fans a new sneak peek of the still-in-development project:Sora stands in a bright city center with burning Sephiroth billboards.   

Despite its strong resemblance to Tokyo, the designer claims Sora is in Quadratum.Fan-linked Sephiroth billboards and Shibuya ads showing the Final Fantasy VII villain on large displays.  

Sora knows about Sephiroth and may have defeated him depending on skill level, honoring both series. Kingdom Hearts fans have much to consider because Square Enix has released scant updates since the fourth game's announcement almost two years ago.  

To honor Kingdom Hearts' 20th anniversary in 2022, a brief reveal teaser showed Sora, who looked more lifelike than in previous games, while other parts confused viewers.   

The emphasis on a "real world" locale rather than a Disney world led some to speculate that Kingdom Hearts 4 was departing from its foundations.   

Others say the transition to a more grounded graphic style could open the door for Disney-owned non-animated brands like Marvel and Star Wars.  

At the time of writing, Kingdom Hearts 4 has no release date, although the franchise's history suggests a long wait. After multiple spin-offs, Kingdom Hearts 3 took 14 years to release.   

All games are available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC while fans wait.  

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