Star Wars Game Cancelled As EA Makes Major Layoff

EA cancelled a Mandalorian-led FPS from Respawn Entertainment owing to reorganization and layoffs.EA canceled Respawn's Star Wars FPS.     

After employment advertisements appeared in 2022, rumors revealed the game's story and gameplay, which features a new Mandalorian character and a linear level design, unlike Respawn's open-world Star Wars: Jedi games.  

EA is downsizing, laying off 670 employees, or 5% of its staff, and canceling products like Respawn's Star Wars shooter that don't fit its future goals.  

PlayStation and Microsoft studios are restructuring after a shocking wave of game industry layoffs. EA reorganized to focus on enormous communities, live service games, and large open-world games, killing Respawn's linear Mandalorian shooter.  

Star Wars: Jedi stay. According to IGN, much of Respawn's shooter personnel have moved to the third Star Wars: Jedi game, the upcoming Marvel games, Iron Man and Black Panther, and Apex Legends.  

EA's plans also appear to prioritize recognized ideas and IPs, which bodes ill for future Star Wars games with new characters.   

Cal Kestis is a beloved character, but EA may not tell his tale in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order following this restructure.   

Create a Force-sensitive persona like Luke Skywalker and risk money.The Mandalorian shooter's demise would disappoint fans despite little title information.  

Fans have loved the Mandalorians since Boba Fett's appearance in the original Star Wars trilogy, and episodes like The Mandalorian and The Clone Wars have only made them more popular.   

Star Wars: Dark Forces was warmly received, and many still hope Kyle Katarn's story will be reintegrated into Disney's new Star Wars canon. These titles inspired Respawn's FPS, according to job advertisements.  

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