Strange New Worlds Season 3 Can Set Up Kirk's Star Trek: TOS Court Martial

In Strange New Worlds, Kirk is quickly rising through the ranks of Starfleet, but a future enemy could already be planning his Star Trek: TOS court-martial.

Strange New Worlds season 3 may set up William Shatner's Star Trek: The Original Series court-martial. In his quick rise to Enterprise's centre seat, Lt. James T. Kirk (Paul Wesley) will become USS Farragut Commander. 

While his superiors admire Captain Kirk's ambition and tenacity, his fellow officers hate him. Lt. Sam Kirk (Dan Jeannotte) hated his brother's rise, believing Jim was their father George Samuel Kirk's favourite.

Someone else witnessing James T. Kirk rise in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will be crucial to his court-martial. Lt. Commander Benjamin Finney (Richard Webb), a minor Star Trek: The Original Series character, hated Kirk. 

After the USS Republic incident, Kirk and Finney are alone in SNW. Strange New Worlds assessed Finney and developed his case in Kirk's court-martial when he joined the Enterprise in TOS.Kirk reflecting on his incredible rise in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season 3 may work.

As he becomes Number One on the USS Farragut, Kirk may ponder on the officers he's passed over to advance his career. In Star Trek: The Original Series, season 1, episode 14, "Court Martial", Benjamin Finney framed Kirk for murder.

Finney framed Kirk and tried to destroy the Enterprise in that episode out of jealously and hatred.A Star Trek: Strange New Worlds episode that requires Kirk to describe his and Finney's breakup may build up "Court Martial".

The Star Trek: The Original Series episode is fine, but Finney's rage over Kirk's perceived slight years before is overwhelming. Finney and Kirk's friendship dissolved after the USS Republic incident, and Strange New Worlds may show their Starfleet careers diverged. 

It may explain why Finney goes so far to get the Enterprise off Kirk in TOS.Benjamin Finney named his daughter Jame after Starfleet Academy friend James T. Kirk. Finney wanted as much as Kirk but lacked talent. 

Kirk said Finney left a circuit exposed to the USS Republic's atomic matter stacks while serving with the two pals. Kirk logged this because it could have sunk the USS Republic. Irresponsibility cost him advancement.

Finney planned to get back at Kirk in Starfleet, so he'll probably keep an eye on the young officer in season 3 of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds until he can get even. 

The Original Series implies Finney was on the Enterprise before 2267, implying Kirk didn't know his friend's goals. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season 3 may cast Finney as Kirk's ex-friend who wants to ruin his career.

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