Suits Promo Teases Series End, Jessica Pearson Spinoff

A new trailer teases Suits' finale and Gina Torres' Pearson spinoff. The Aaron Korsh legal drama franchise will travel to Chicago next month after finishing in NYC. Harvey (Gabriel Macht), Louis (Rick Hoffman), and Donna (Sarah Rafferty) have 10 episodes left in New York before their former boss enters politics in Chicago.

Suits' main character Torres left in season 7. She occasionally visits her former coworkers. Her Chicago activities will be revealed in her subsidiary Pearson series in a few weeks. After a tough year, Specter Litt Wheeler Williams faces another storm in a new trailer.

The promo hypes Pearson's debut while highlighting the series' end. Perfectly combining the two programs with Harvey reconciling with his mentor, the clip transports viewers to Chicago as Jessica enters the hazardous world of politics.

Since Suits and Pearson share a reality, Jessica will return to New York for one last time with her old crew, barring any cross-promotions. Patrick J. Adams will reprise Mike for one episode, it was announced earlier this month. 

The actor quit Suits after season 7 with Prince Harry's girlfriend Meghan Markle (Rachel). Popular couple relocated to Seattle for new program life. Korsh and his colleagues aim to bring back all significant characters from Suits' nine-year run, including Adams and Torres, in the final year.

The latest trailer suggests Harvey will get involved in Jessica's Chicago issues. Pearson's backdoor pilot had New York's best closer helping his ex-boss overcome a major challenge, enabling her to join the mayor's legal team. Harvey links the two shows, so he may join the spinoff once the main show ends. Given their teamwork, fans would embrace a new legal setting for the power couple.

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