The 10 Most Mouthwatering Hot Dogs Near Oak Park

Al's Drive In in Maywood is a western suburb hot dog gem. This historic drive-in has served wonderful hot dogs for centuries. Al's Drive In delivers iconic hot dogs and American meals with pleasant service. Their hot dogs are properly cooked and snap in every bite. Hot dogs with basic condiments are popular.

Maywood's Al's Drive In

Western suburb hot dog and Italian beef fans appreciate Frannie's Beef in Schiller Park. Frannie's signature Italian beef sandwiches and hot dogs keep people coming back. Their hot dogs are juicy and delicious, great with their soft, steamed buns.

Frannies Beef - Schiller Park 

Famous hot dog shop Gene and Judes is in River Grove, western Chicago. This family-owned diner has charmed locals and visitors with simple hot dogs for decades. Gene and Judes accentuate their hot dogs' flavors with premium ingredients and a tried-and-true procedure.

Gene and Jude’s - River Grove 

Since 1962, Bellwood's Mickey's Drive-in has served wonderful hot dogs. Customers feel transported to a bygone age at this iconic drive-in. Mickey's Drive-in is known for its delicious hot dogs, grilled to perfection and offered with a choice of toppings. 

Mickey’s Drive In - Bellwood 

Western suburb tradition Johnnie's Beef hot dog stand located in Elmwood Park. Johnnie's Beef has fed devoted patrons Italian beef sandwiches and hot dogs since 1961. The perfectly steamed bun and luscious, all-beef frankfurter make their hot dogs excellent.

Johnnie's Beef - Elmwood Park 

Northlake's Winking Dog is a western suburbs hot dog establishment that's become an institution. This family-owned restaurant has served delicious hot dogs for over 40 years. High quality and attention to making the perfect hot dog set Winking Dog distinct.

Winking Dog  Northlake 

Pete's 2 Red Hots, a Broadview hot dog business, has been delivering wonderful food since 1969. This family-owned restaurant's iconic and tasty hot dogs keep customers coming back. Pete's 2 Red Hots serves a variety of delicious dogs, including the chili cheese dog.

Pete’s 2 Red Hots Broadview

Parky's, a Forest Park hot dog vendor, has delighted neighbors and visitors for decades. This family-owned restaurant makes delicious hot dogs that keep customers coming back. Parky's uses only the best ingredients, from their expertly seasoned all-beef frankfurters to their freshly baked buns.

Parky’s - Forest Park

Lucky Dog is a western suburbs hot dog institution with outlets in Berwyn, Broadview, and Melrose Park. Lucky Dog's delicious hot dogs and nostalgic flair keep customers coming back. Their hot dogs use high-quality ingredients and properly toasted buns. 

 Lucky Dog - Multiple Locations

Western suburb hot dog fans frequent Pete's Red Hots in Oak Park. Pete's Red Hots evokes the golden age of hot dog vendors with its bright red exterior and inviting ambiance. Their hot dogs are carefully cooked and served in soft buns. 

Pete’s Red Hots - Oak Park 

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