The 8 Most Notable Celebrity Coin Collector

Coin collecting may seem like a quiet hobby for thoughtful people, however many renowned people are coin collectors We look at celebrities who collect coins, and some may surprise you.

Yes, it is. The Great One is a famous coin collector. According to folklore, the Canadian hockey player has a collection of rare and precious coins that rivals the best. Gretzky appears on many vintage and collectible sports coins as a hockey legend. 

Wayne Gretzky

Besides acting, comedy, singing, and songwriting, this American is a coin collector. In an appearance with Conon O'Brien, he discussed his "racy" collection, which included a 1793 1-cent coin with flowing hair and a 1913 piece with a nude Abraham Lincoln. Spicy. 

Jack Black  

This American-Australian actress collects coins when not producing movies. Kidman may collect ancient Judean coins, unlike other collectors who collect from numerous eras.

Nicole Kidman  

His manager and former coin dealer, Dwight Manley, turned bad basketball player Dennis Rodman into a collector. Rodman has a magnificent collection of North Korean gold coins from dictator Kim Jung-Un. Manley likely received the set from Rodman to add to his impressive coin collection. 

Dennis Rodman 

The charming Canadian SNL alum is reputed to enjoy numismatics. He designed the reverse of a commemorative silver $3 coin with the Royal Canadian Mint showcasing his Muskoka summer home. True Canadian classic. 

Martin Sheen 

Fun fact: Darth Vader and Mufasa voice actor collects money in his spare time. Famed actor James Earl Jones owns a large coin collection and narrated Money: History In Your Hands, a numismatic documentary. 

James Earl Jones 

He played Luke Dunphy on ABC's Modern Family. In an interview, the 23-year-old actor stated he collected coins, glass, cards, and hot wheels. We don't know much about his collection, but we hope he inspires future coin enthusiasts. 

Nolan Gould 

The Twilight Saga star and Tarzan actor is a coin collector. The actor said in an interview that his grandfather bequeathed him a large collection of old coins, which fascinated him. 

Kellan Lutz 

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