The Best Boba Tea Recipe

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Not going to a specialty shop? Make your own Boba Tea Recipe at home instead. This will quickly become a favorite because it is quick, easy, and tastes great.  


For the tea: – 4 cups water – ¼ cup loose-leaf Chinese breakfast black tea For the tapioca: – 1 cup tapioca pearl – 1/2 cup dark brown sugar – 1/4 cup water To assemble: – Ice – Half and half


Bring 4 cups of water to a boil in a big pot. Turn down the heat to a simmer after adding the tea. Keep the tea on low heat for two minutes.  

Step 1

Then turn it off and let it sit for five minutes. Using a fine mesh strainer, pour the tea into a big bowl that can handle heat. Throw away the tea leaves.  

Step 2

Once it's cool enough to touch, put it in the fridge to cool down. Next, follow the steps on the package to cook the tapioca pearls.  

Step 3

Put them in a medium-sized bowl that can handle heat and set it away. Put the water and brown sugar into a medium-sized saucepot and stir them together.  

Step 4

Place the mixture on medium-low heat and stir it all the time. Bring the mixture to a boil, then keep stirring it all the time for three minutes. This can boil very quickly,  

Step 5

so take it off the heat right away if it starts to boil over. Pour the slightly thickened syrup over the pieces of tapioca and mix them together.  

Step 6

Do not put this in the fridge; instead, let it cool to room temperature on the counter. Fill four tall glasses with some of the sauce and tapioca pearls. Get ready to serve.  

Step 7

Put ice on top of the pearls and pour one cup of the cold tea into each glass. 

Step 8

Mix in one to two tablespoons of half-and-half for each glass, or as much or as little as you like. Gently mix everything together, and then serve.  

Step 9

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