The Future Of Star Wars - & Its Next Movie - Depends On Just One Part Of The Galaxy

Star Wars has confirmed new Star Wars movies for one corner of a distant galaxy. Star Wars films have explored many climates, animals, and landscapes.   

This expanded when George Lucas added worlds to the Star Wars prequel trilogy. Canon has added additional worlds since then.  

The Mandalorian, Star Wars: The Bad Batch, and Ahsoka have revived and created new Star Wars worlds. Ahsoka Tano may fight Grand Admiral Thrawn, who resurfaced on the Eye of Sion, in the main Star Wars galaxy.   

Last year's Mandalore, Dathomir, and Wayland appearances reveal a plot.Star Wars shows like The Mandalorian season 3 and Ahsoka season 1 focus on one region.   

Star Wars star charts place Mandalore near Dathomir, affecting Ahsoka season 2 and beyond. Ahsoka Tano and Din Djarin may stop in Mandalore before defeating Grand Admiral Thrawn in Dathomir because they know each other.  

Other shows highlight this galaxy corner. Season 3 of Bad Batch began with Omega and Crosshair in Mount Tantiss on Wayland. Moff Gideon's cloning experiments takes done in wrecked Mandalore since Wayland, Project Necromancer's hidden home, lies nearby.   

Since Din Djarin's homeworld, Aq Vetina, lies in this galaxy, it makes likely that it was close to Mandalore.Due to Star Wars' rich history, this location will be vital.   

Mandalorian & Grogu, which begins production later this year, may connect into future Ahsoka seasons and Dave Filoni's upcoming Star Wars film.   

Why Star Wars has confined potential storylines to this little galaxy is unclear. All these fights in a short part of Star Wars imply the next big event.  

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