The Real Meaning Of American Fiction

In the end, American Fiction satirises how Americans generalise race in writing and film. The movie acknowledges these issues yet recognises Black artists who must market to generate art. 

American Fiction also pokes fun at its readers for being a part of the bigger media system and watching pleasure that would make Monk mad.

Monk is a figure in American Fiction who stands for the kind of story the author wants to see written. He's an American Black man with his own problems, mostly with his family.

But they're not at all like the problems in the books he doesn't like. Monk is so angry at popular society that he has a hard time connecting with his family, friends, and students. 

He often chooses to live alone. Monk's trip helps him understand how important entertainment is and how what he thinks of as "shlock" can bring people together.

The movie American Fiction is great, and Jeffrey Wright gives one of his best performances. The viewer is constantly kept on their toes by the many questions and themes that run through the work.

These prompt viewers to consider their art and media relationships. At the end, even those who think they're brighter and more polished than American Fiction's fictional book readers may question their beliefs.

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