This Wild Stat Puts LeBron James Reaching 40,000 Points Into Perspective


Even by the lofty standards that LeBron James, a forward for the Los Angeles Lakers, holds himself to, this figure was something else.  

James scored exactly 40,000 points in his illustrious NBA career with a layup early in the second quarter against the Denver Nuggets on Saturday night. This is a record number that has never been matched in the league's history.  

There aren't many numbers that can really put James's career in context these days, but Laker Film Room podcast host Darius Soriano shared an interesting fact during the game.  

"To get to 40,000 points, a player would have to average 24.4 points per game and play 82 games per season for 20 years," Soriano wrote on social media. "Honestly, I can't understand it."  

Now, let's put this into a more comprehensive context. The NBA had no players who fulfilled Soriano's requirements in the year 2023.  

Last year, Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal and Charlotte Hornets guard Kemba Walker averaged 25.6 points in 82 games. Both must repeat that 20 times to catch James.

Toss out the basketball. When seen in this light, it is conceivable that James has established a record comparable to that of Cal Ripken Jr. that may be maintained in perpetuity.  

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