Top 5 Zodiac Signs With Extrasensory Perception  


Another water sign with strong feelings and intuition is Cancer. Because the moon governs emotions and tides, cancerians have enhanced intuition and empathy.


Scorpios have a sixth instinct and are strong and enigmatic. Scorpios have a profound and intuitive understanding of the world's mysteries since Pluto rules transformation and secret information.


The imaginative, daydreaming Pisces is renowned for having a sixth sense. Neptune, the planet of intuition and spirituality, rules Pisceans and they are receptive to energy.


Even though Capricorns are realistic, they have a potent sixth sense. Saturn, the planet that governs Capricorns, gives wisdom and restraint. They are dependable and knowledgeable about careers.


Creative and possessing a distinctive perspective, including a sixth sense, Aquarians are unique. Uranus, the planet of intuition and unexpected insights, gives Aquarians their inspiration and foresight.

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