Untold Story of NBA Legend's Hilarious Prank Revealed


When it came to the National Basketball Association (NBA), there were very few players that knew how to cause trouble, both on and off the court, as Larry Bird did.   

Every time you believe you have heard every tale there is to tell about Larry Bird, there is always another one to tell. 

During an episode of Podcast P, assistant coach Brian Shaw of the Los Angeles Clippers shared a story from his time as a rookie with the Boston Celtics, during which he played alongside Larry Bird.   

During their conversation, Shaw shared with Paul George the story of the time when Bird advised him to visit the "best bar in Boston."  

"We stayed at the Howard Johnsons Motel by Fenway Park when we were new," Shaw said. "Louis came and got all the new players trying out for the team, then he took us to dinner.  

Right now we're having dinner and can't believe Larry Bird is taking us out. We asked, "Hey, do you know where we can go out tonight in Boston?" 'Go to the Ram Rod, it's a club across the street from the motel,' he told her.   

That name, "The Ram Rod," doesn't sound right to me. So, we go back and wait until it's a little later. Then we leave the hotel and cross the street to find the club. The Rod of Ram. The queue to get in is really long when we get out.   

It's dark outside, so we walk across the street. There are no women at all, just guys in black leather riding motorbikes and doing other stuff.   

We thought, "Okay, he was trying to get us dirty." He was so funny when we got to practise the next day at training camp.  

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