'We Got Our Ass Kicked!' Magic Star Paolo Banchero Reacts to Loss vs. Knicks


In a game that they lost to the New York Knicks, the Orlando Magic only managed to score 74 points.

Theresa May - As a result of the New York Knicks' victory over the Orlando Magic on Friday night at Madison Square Garden, the Magic suffered what is considered to be their worst loss of the basketball season.

Despite suffering a defeat by a margin of 24 points, the Magic were only able to score 74 points, which is the lowest total for the franchise in a game since 2018. 

Although Orlando had scored at least 92 points in each and every game this season, the team's performance against the Knicks was a complete and utter failure.

In the aftermath of the game, Paolo Banchero stated, "We got our ass kicked." It's just that we need to improve. In order to acquire a taste of that, perhaps that is exactly what we require.

Despite the fact that the Magic entered the game riding a five-game victory run, the Knicks put an immediate end to that streak by playing a stifling defence that Orlando was unable to effectively counter.

The Magic have never relied on their offence to be their primary source of revenue, as evidenced by their current offensive ranking of 23rd. 

In order to guarantee that they would emerge victorious, the club has consistently ensured that they have been successful on the defensive end. 

Nevertheless, the offence cannot reasonably be quite as icy as it was on Friday night. This is not even remotely possible.

The Magic will need to get their offence in gear before their next game, which is against the fast-paced Indiana Pacers on Sunday. The game is set to start at 6 p.m. ET.

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