What we learned from the Chicago Bulls' narrow win over the Golden State Warriors


The Chicago Bulls beat the Golden State Warriors 125–122 in a fun game that made their trip out west 3-0. Let's talk about these two things from the match.  

Any team that goes up against the Warriors in a three-point shootout is taking a huge risk, but the Bulls showed they were ready for it. With 16 out of 36 shots, they made an impressive 44% from beyond the arc.   

They made 16 of 36 shots from beyond the arc, which is an outstanding 44 percent shooting percentage. In a surprising turn of events, Nikola Vucevic and DeMar DeRozan each led the Bulls with three triples between them.  

While the Warriors missed 11 of 42 three-point shots, the other team did well. Curry's hitting was bad; he only made three of his 12 long-range shots before getting hurt and having to leave the game.  

This morning, Bulls coach Billy Donovan talked about the small fight that happened during their win over the Utah Jazz on Wednesday night in Salt Lake City.   

It was reported by him that subsequent disciplinary procedures would not be taken against Chris Fleming, the assistant coach of the Bulls, who had a physical altercation with Jason Collins, the forward for the Jazz. 

"I believe that this is a lesson for us to learn from the standpoint that all we need to worry about is maintaining control of our starters and our bench players.  

I consider that to have been a valuable educational experience. I don't believe Chris ever intended for his actions to be physical in any way. They were primarily meant to keep everyone apart from one another.  

According to Donovan, it is sad that what he was attempting to do turned out to be something that he was attempting to avoid from occurring.  

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