Why are my white clothes turning yellow and how to fix them? 

The gentlest way to whiten yellowed whites is with warm water and oxygen-based bleach powder. Use the powder per gallon of water recommended on the packaging. 

Oxygen Bleach

A traditional laundry solution, laundry bluing brightens white garments by adding a blue pigment to combat natural yellowing during laundering.  

Laundry Bluing

While chlorine bleach cleans and disinfects, it can yellow white synthetic textiles like nylon, microfibers, and polyester if abused. Bleach weakens fibers and renders synthetic polymers yellow.  

Chlorine Bleach

If possible, line-dry white laundry outside in the sun. The ultraviolet rays of sunlight will help to whiten the clothes. 

Use the Sun to Whiten Clothe

Baking soda, sodium bicarbonate, helps boost the performance of your laundry detergent to remove the soil that leaves clothes yellow. 

May aid digestion 

Distilled white vinegar contains acetic acid that helps remove detergent residue that leaves fabrics looking yellow. 

May aid digestion 

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