You are a puzzle champion if you can spot a rabbit in the skiing scene in 9 seconds!

A man and a girl can be seen skiing in the snow in the picture that was shared above. 

However, they are not alone—a rabbit is hiding right in front of them. In nine seconds, can you see the rabbit in the photo with your keen eyes?

This is a useful exercise to find out how attentive you are. Observe the picture intently, focusing on all of its details.

Excellent observers will be able to identify the rabbit in the image. Have you managed to see it?

Act quickly, as time is running out. Try concentrating on the picture again; perhaps this time you can see the bunny.

There's not much time left, so hurry. The allotted time is up. In the allotted time, how many of you were able to locate the rabbit?

Those readers who have finished the challenge successfully deserve congratulations. You should be commended greatly.

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