10 Annual Flower Bed Combinations that Look Great Together

Garden annuals make the gardening show alive. For seasonal variety, change garden colours and textures. Long-blooming annuals provide year-round colour. The most exciting part may be picking annuals to grow together.  

1. Medley Sage  

This salvia, often known as blue mealy sage, adds vertical interest to blue annual displays. The rich blue-purple bloom spires contrast well with yellow, white, crimson, orange, and pink annuals. Tubular blossoms are “dusted” in white hairs, like flour or meal (mealycup).   

2. Petunia

With their stunning blooms from spring until frost, petunias are popular annuals. Every annual lover can find a petunia in bubblegum pink, velvety black, single, double, or ruffled.  

3. Coleus 

Coleus' vivid leaves and “filler” habit create beauty in the yearly show, brightening dark places and adding drama to strong plantings. Coleus is a show-stopper in sun and shade gardens and has limitless yearly planting variations.  

4. Celosia 

These brilliant plumes thrive in annual planting and are easy to care for. Red, magenta, yellow and orange blossom spikes from celosia brighten summer and fall gardens. Group-specific celosia blooms are plumes, spires, or ruffly fans.  

5. Marigolds 

Marigolds make good kitchen garden companions and annual flower display beauties. Their abundant golden, deep gold, creamy white, and garnet pom-pom blooms sparkle against feathery deep green or purple foliage.  

6. Lantana 

Multiple-colored lantana flowers brighten the yearly garden all season. Some lantanas are more winter-hardy in mild areas than others. Colourful lantana varieties range from peaches and pinks to vivid reds, oranges, and yellows.  

7. Gomphrena 

Old garden favourites include gomphrena, with its tiny crimson, gold, magenta, and white globes. Its bright pom-pom blossoms are globe-shaped. Gomphrena, or globe flower, brightens the yearly border.  

8. Sunflower

Sunflowers develop swiftly from seed and come in many colours. They'll enliven any sunny garden space. Plant sunflowers together for impact. After one group fades, seed two to three successional plantings to continue blooming.  

9. Snapdragon

With their yellow, scarlet, pink, peach, or coral blossom spikes, snapdragons are a garden staple! Bold, pastel, and bi-color varieties are grown. In cool weather, snaps are valued for their colours and usefulness.   

10. Sweet Potato Vine

Trailing ornamental sweet potato vine adds colour. A mounded groundcover with runners that extend or cascade along annual borders and containers with lush, broad chartreuse or purple-black leaves.  

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