10 Best Workout Leggings Perfect for Any Type of Exercise 

The comfort rating is 8.5/10. Although not as soft as Lululemon's, the fabric is comfortable and easy to wear.Fit: Great size, felt confident with them. They didn't move when I exercised in them. 

Crz Yoga High Waist Workout Legging

They fit well. They were my typical size (M) and I would buy them again. The waistline supports me and doesn't slip during exercising. Wearing them on a stationary bike made me comfortable sitting and moving.

Alo Yoga Vapor High Waist Legging

It feels like my body was the leggings sample. The fit is excellent! The material is great—tight and compressive but with complete range of motion. They include a key pocket at the back and are high-rise, which I need.

Kelsey Boronvisky, Senior Analyst

Comfort: These compression leggings allow movement. Despite being little, they were tight. The legs have little hole cutouts that I don't like and a tougher ribbed design that could get uncomfortable on a lengthy run.

New Balance Archive Run Tight

So fluffy and cozy! They stretch but aren't tight. They are great for yoga, pilates, lounging around the house, and vacation, but I need more fabric restriction to run comfortably.

Sweaty Betty Power 7/8 Technical Legging

Everlane nails basics. The coziness of these leggings has convinced me that they can be pants. Even when I'm not exercising, I adore wearing them around the house.

Bianca Nieves, Commerce Editor

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