Should You Do Cardio Before or After Lifting Weights? 

People can be overly ambitious when they start a new weight lifting routine. But beginners should avoid doing too much too soon as it could lead to muscle strain or joint injury, Walding told GoodRx Health.  

May relieve nasal congestion 

Choose a few types of lifts for each session and learn to do them well. That’s more important than adding a range of strength training moves you don’t know how to do.  

Learn proper weight lifting form

If you're new to weightlifting, a personal trainer can help you get started. A trainer can help you form and create a cardio-strength program. 

Consider hiring a personal trainer 

Walding suggests increasing your effort by about 2% with each new workout. That might mean doing one more rep than you did the last time, for example. 

Progress very gradually 

Although strength training machines can be useful, Walding says free weights or resistance bands tend to improve movement quality more quickly. 

Choose free weights rather than machines 

Walding says you’re much more likely to stick with a cardio routine if it’s fun. Keep playing around with different options until you find the best fit. 

Pick cardio you love 

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