10 Harsh Realities Of Rewatching The Matrix, 25 Years Later

People rightly think that The Matrix is one of the most important sci-fi action movies ever, but some things about it haven't held up over time.  

Rewatching the Matrix shows that it's a great sci-fi film despite its flaws. Its sophisticated and morally complex premise makes it thought-provoking and interesting. All of this makes the film's forgettable sequels worse.   

1. The Matrix Was One Of The Worst Movie Mistakes.  

Cypher's Nebuchadnezzar crew treachery is startling and infuriating. Thinking about it, his plan has some merit. As he correctly notes, life in the real world is horrible, with no food, dank conditions, and always scraping by.   

2. Was Cypher Kind Of... Right?

The Matrix's synthetic reality plot is brilliant. Scratching the surface reveals issues with the Machine's control strategy. One concern is the simulation's obviousness.  

3. The Machine's Matrix Plan Makes No Sense

The Matrix sequels disappoint in many ways. A rewatch of the original movie shows that changing Tank after he survives was a mistake. He's more relatable than Harold Perrineau's Link in The Matrix Reloaded since he's a roguish operator.   

4. The Sequels Wasted Some Great Character

Morpheus tells Neo that humanity's failed effort to "scorch the sky" and deprive the Machines of solar power in the epic struggle against AI. This design appears to have big issues from the start. While the Machines rely on the sun, so does every living creature on Earth.  

5. Humanity's Survival Plan Was Always Going To Fail

Neo's awakening from his induced sleep into the "real" world of the Machines is one of The Matrix's most frightening moments. It's horrifying and awe-inspiring, setting the movie's stakes immediately.   

6. The Machine World Has Some Major Problem

Hugo Weaving's maniacal Agent Smith steals the show, while Joe Pantoliano's Cypher is another fantastic villain. Panoliano's talent aside, Cypher's storyline doesn't make sense. The primary issue is how he was going to meet Smith at the steak restaurant since plugging himself in alone seems improbable.   

7. Cypher's Villain Story Doesn't Make Sense

The Matrix's famous combat scene, Neo's bullet time sequence, seems to have lost its appeal. Even though parts of the images are stylized, the gunshot streaks and Neo's frenzied arm flailing seem less impressive than when first shown.  

8 .Bullet Time Isn't As Cool As It Used To Be

On release in 1999, The Matrix's visual effects were called groundbreaking. However, 25 years later, the movie's biggest VFX shots seem lackluster compared to recent blockbusters.   

9. The Matrix's CGI Hasn't Aged Well

Agent Smith calls Nebuchadnezzar's captain a "terrorist" and "possibly the most dangerous man alive" before introducing Morpheus to Neo and the viewer. Smith's role as the main adversary and Morpheus' desire to free humanity make this interaction seem like Machine propaganda.   

10. Morpheus And His Crew Really Are A Danger To Humanity

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