12 Biggest Dune 2 Book Changes From Denis Villeneuve's Sequel

Perhaps Denis Villeneuve's Dune 2's biggest alteration is Chani's tale. Chani leaves in fury when Paul becomes Emperor and proposes to Irulan. Dune 2's ending leaves her in Arrakis' wastes calling for a sandworm.

1. Chani Doesn't Leave At The End Of Dune

Gurney announces that the Great Houses will not honour Paul's accession as Emperor in Dune 2's final moments. In the book, his threat to destroy all Arrakis spice mines makes the Guild and Great Houses sit back and observe.

2. The Great Houses Don't Challenge Paul's Emperorship in the Book  

In Dune 2, Feyd-Rautha dies differently than in the book. Both end with Paul and Feyd-Rautha's fight, but Dune 2's is more savage. The movie adaptation eliminates Villeneuve's poisoned blade techniques to test strength and competence.

3. A Different Fight With Paul Changes Feyd-Rautha's Death

Other Dune 2 characters like Baron Harkonnen die in the movie's ending. In the film, Paul Atreides kills his grandpa after storming the Emperor-House Harkonnen conference. 

4. Paul Doesn't Kill Baron Harkonnen In The Book

Gurney Halleck returns in Dune 2 with a new plot. Villeneuve connected Gurney's past to Glossu Rabban Harkonnen, who scarred him and killed his family, according to the books. 

5. Dune 2: Gurney Strikes Rabban Harkonnen

The Lisan al Gaib prophecy includes Chani, another major shift in Dune 2. The film appropriately uses Chani's Fremen name, Sihaya (desert spring), but adds weight. 

6. Dune 2: Chani Joins Lisan Al Gaib Prophecy  

Dune 2 focuses on Paul and Chani's romance, although it doesn't follow their first child. The movie's shortened timeline and Villeneuve's Lisan al Gaib prophecy reinterpretation cause this. 

7. Dune 2 omits Chani & Paul's first son's tragic death  

Alia Atreides' involvement is a major alteration in Dune 2. Paul's sister stays in Jessica's womb throughout the film, not as a two-year-old with adult intelligence. 

8. Alia Atreides' Dune 2 Role Differs From Book  

The sequel lacks Thufir Hawat, the main Dune character. Since the previous film did not reveal the destiny of House Atreides' mentat, the sequel might follow Thufir's journey.  

9. Thufir Hawat Is Completely Missing From Dune 2

Count Fenring, another significant Dune 2 character, is absent. The trained assassin and mentat is a relative, personal friend, and advisor to Emperor Shaddam from House Corrino. 

10. Count Fenring's Role Is Removed From Dune 2

The sequel mentions Paul killing Jamis at the end of Dune, but it doesn't examine the consequences. Paul takes care of Jamis' wife and children after killing him. 

11. The Fallout Of Jamis' Death Is Forgotten

Denis Villeneuve's Dune 2 removes a book-based time jump. Jessica's pregnancy suggests the picture takes place immediately after Dune's ending and lasts barely a few months. 

12. Dune 2 Removes The Book's 2 Year Time Jump

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