A Forgotten 12-Year-Old Tom Hardy Flop Proves He Was Never Right For James Bond

Tom Hardy was a top choice to play James Bond in Bond 26, but an unremembered failure shows that he's not right for the part after all.  

Tom Hardy seems like an ideal James Bond actor, but one overlooked disaster demonstrates otherwise. On paper, Tom Hardy is great for James Bond.  

Nice British actor has had success in dramatic and action superstar roles and blockbuster series. Hardy's Venom made $856 million, its 2021 sequel over $500 million, and Mad Max: Fury Road pleased critics and audiences despite the pandemic.  

Hardy isn't starring in Bond 26 for a reason. The actor is a household name and an A-list star for almost a decade, and producers sometimes prefer lesser-known contenders.   

Hardy's Havoc, Venom 3, and Mad Max roles may limit his availability. Hardy was passed over because his smart super-spy failed.This Means War (2012), starring Hardy and Chris Pine as CIA operatives, bombed at the box office and hurt everyone's careers.   

McG's botched rom-com This Means War earned $156 million on a $65 million budget and received Hardy's worst reviews. This Means War, starring Reese Witherspoon as the hapless heroine, follows two secret operatives who discover they've been dating the same lady.  

The film bombed, but Hardy's 007 potential makes his miscasting notable. Hardy plays Tuck, This Means War's sweetheart, while Pine becomes FDR, a swaggering charmer.   

Hardy lacks the wit for this 007-like character, and his remarks fall flat throughout This Means War. Hardy's inability to make Pine work shows just how difficult it would be to portray Bond. Hardy is great in tougher roles like Bronson, Warrior, and Legend, but he couldn't play Bond's campy appeal.  

This Means War showed he wasn't suitable.This Means War weakened Hardy's espionage credibility by showing that he couldn't save a poor film with a faultless performance.   

Hardy isn't worse than his co-stars, but This Means War came so soon after Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and Hardy hasn't done a spy movie since, which is noteworthy Bond 26's star must show 007's lighter side following Craig's darker Bond. Hardy wasn't Bond's lighter side in This Means War.  

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