Potential James Bond Contender Addresses Possibility Of Being Cast As 007

Possible James Bond candidate Jack O'Connell talks about the chance of being cast as the next 007 after Daniel Craig leaves the role.  

Ferrari star Jack O'Connell has considered playing 007 in the next Bond film. O'Connell, who played British racing driver Peter Collins against Adam Driver in 2023's Ferrari, was first known for Skins.   

Bond producers have yet to choose a star, but O'Connell has been rumored to play the role. Other candidates include Henry Cavill, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Idris Elba.  

While promoting his Amy Winehouse film Back to Black, Total Film asked O'Connell if he would portray James Bond. Though interested, he indicated he would examine any such offer like any other production and make his decision on the story and director.   

He also acknowledged that the post will be competitive and that the final selection "is out of my hands."Before Daniel Craig's final Bond film, 2021's No Time To Die, suspicions about his replacement abounded.   

Playing 007, a popular film character, may define a career. Barbara Broccoli doesn't want to start Bond 26 despite Craig's replacement's popularity.After saying “nothing has happened yet,” the next Bond film may reveal its protagonist slowly.  

As distressing as that may be to hungry James Bond fans, a significant pause between the Craig flicks and Bond 26 may be just what the franchise needs.  

James Bond films have been released every few years since 1962's Dr. No. Six years is the longest film gap. Bond is nostalgic, 

therefore a longer gap between No Time to Die and Bond 26 may increase interest. O'Connell or another frontrunner may benefit from a cinematic break with 007.

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