12 Helpful Tips for Losing Weight with PCOS 

PCOS women need 400 fewer calories per day than non-PCOS women. Low carbohydrate intake may help manage PCOS because it affects insulin levels. Insulin-resistant PCOS women benefit from low-carb diets. Low carbs lower insulin levels, helping weight loss. 

Limited intake of carbohydrate

PCOS patients may benefit from eating more fibre foods. Fiber-rich diets reduced abdominal obesity and insulin resistance in PCOS people. Increased fibre consumption keeps you satiated after meals. PCOS women may lose weight on less calories with a high-fiber diet.  

More intake of fibers

Once you learn the basic squat, you can try various variations. Squatting differently can keep the exercise interesting and activate different muscle areas.

Get enough proteins

Healthy fats are a source of essential fatty acids, which are key components in the maintenance of cell walls. Not only that, but they are key for the proper balancing of your hormones, as well as controlling your weight. 

More intake of healthy Fats

PCOS may cause weight gain because people with this illness have fewer beneficial gut bacteria. You may benefit from adding beneficial bacteria. Good gut bacteria may help with metabolism and weight.

Take more fermented foods in your plate

The following studies demonstrate that mindful eating may help you lose weight. Sitting down for specific meal times, eating slowly without distractions, and being more specific with your hunger levels can help you practise portion control and avoid mindlessly overeating.

Concentrate on Mindful Eating

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