3 Essential Anti-Inflammatory Mediterranean Diet Tools for Busy Bakers 

The right tools may speed up and ensure healthy and delicious results for busy anti-inflammatory Mediterranean diet bakers. These three tools are crucial:

Mediterranean baking requires a food processor to process nuts, seeds, and dates. It quickly chops, grinds, and mixes ingredients to make nut flours, seed pastes, and date purees for anti-inflammatory baking recipes. 

The food processor


Mediterranean-inspired gluten-free flatbreads, tart crusts, and nutritious energy balls may be made in a food processor with its flexible attachments.

Excellent baking sheets offer even baking and easy cleanup. Use heavy-duty, non-toxic aluminum or stainless steel baking sheets to evenly distribute heat and prevent burning. 

Best Baking Sheets


These sheets bake anti-inflammatory Mediterranean treats like gluten-free cookies, roasted veggies, and homemade granola. Silicone or parchment baking mats decrease sticking and simplify cleanup.

Zesters and microplane graters give sugar-free anti-inflammatory baked goods zest. Mediterranean cakes, muffins, and cookies can be sweetened and scented with vitamin C and antioxidant-rich lemon and orange zest.

Zester or Microplane


Grating fresh ginger or turmeric with a zester gives baked goods anti-inflammatory benefits and flavor.

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