4 Easy Wall Exercises To Crush Leg Day 

Once you’ve gotten your feet wet with our beginner’s guide to squatting, add the wall split squat to your repertoire. 

Split squat with your back leg on the wall

Tryeither power pushups (the kind where your hands push off so you’re not touching the wall), or even one-handed for a super challenge 


Remember that the further your feet are from the wall, the harder the exercise will be. 

Increases your flexibility

We know bridges are great for your booty — four of our favorite variations are here — but do them with your feet on a wall for added core and hamstring work. 


Wall sits are already a muscle burner — pair them with a hip abduction for even more torture. 

Wall sit clam

Set a timer and do each move for 1 minute with a 10- to 20-second rest for 20 minutes. As moves become simpler, do more repeats in less time. 

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