76ers’ Robert Covington Remains Sidelined After Injury Update


The reunion between Robert Covington and the Philadelphia 76ers hasn't gone as well as everyone thought it would, mostly because the senior wing has been hurt for a while.  

It was during the Sixers' game against the Chicago Bulls on December 30 that Covington made his most recent appearance on the court for the Sixers.  

Less than five minutes of playing time were allotted to Covington during that particular period of time.   

The long string of absences that Covington has been experiencing began on January 2, when the Sixers kicked off the new year with a rematch versus the Bulls from the previous year.   

Covington missed 29 Sixers games before Wednesday's game against the Memphis Grizzlies due to a left knee bone injury. The veteran missed his 30th straight game on Wednesday.  

Before the game, the Sixers provided an update on Covington, stating that he is "progressing" with his ongoing rehabilitation programme. This information was available to the public.   

Within the following seven to 10 days, it is anticipated that Covington will begin his on-court activities, provided that he does not experience any setbacks.  

Due to the fact that Covington has not yet participated in any activities that take place on the court, he will be absent from the acton for another week.   

It is anticipated that the Sixers will conduct another evaluation of him the following week in order to determine the current state of his health and to determine a timetable for his comeback.  

Since his first game of the season with the Sixers in early November, Covington has played in 26 games and averaged 16 minutes per game.   

During that time, the senior scored five points per game on average and made 35% of his three-point shots. Besides that, he grabbed three boards and 1.3 steals every game.  

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