Benefits of drinking lukewarm water in morning 

Steam is produced by hot water in a cup. Taking a deep breath of the mild vapor produced by holding a cup of hot water will help clear congested sinuses and even alleviate sinus headaches. 

May relieve nasal congestion 

Water consumption keeps the digestive system functioning. The body can better expel waste as the water passes through your intestines and stomach.

May aid digestion 

In a large saucepan, mix the brown sugar, white sugar, butter, corn syrup and heavy cream. Put a candy thermometer on the side of the pot and then turn the pot on medium-low heat.

May improve central nervous system function 

Drinking too little water—hot or cold—may negatively impact how well your nervous system works, which can then have an impact on your mood and cognitive abilities.

May improve central nervous system function 

Constipation is frequently brought on by dehydration. Constipation can often be effectively relieved and prevented by drinking water. Drinking enough water softens and facilitates the passage of feces.

May help relieve constipation 

Despite the fact that some evidenceAccording to a reliable source, drinking water at any temperature will help you stay hydrated, although cold water is ideal for rehydration.

Keeps you hydrated 

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