Bob Marley: One Love Box Office To Pass Big Milestone, Is Now 6th Highest-Grossing Music Biopic

Bob Marley: One Love approaches a milestone in worldwide music biopic gross.One Love reaches a major box office milestone.   

The new film stars Kingsley Ben-Adir as the iconic reggae artist during a pivotal point in his life and Jamaica's political history. James Norton, Lashana Lynch, and Michael Gandolfini star.   

Despite competition from Spider-Man-related picture Madame Web, the film debuted at No. 1. Variety predicts Bob Marley: One Love will gross $80 million domestically by Saturday.   

This will be the first 2024 release and the second this year after Timothée Chalamet's Wonka. The 2004 Oscar-winning Ray Charles movie Ray was surpassed as the sixth highest-grossing music biopic by One Love.  

Bob Marley's One Love dominates the charts. Dune: Part Two will surpass it as the highest-grossing domestic title of 2024 after launching to $76 million, but the music biopic is doing well.   

Whether it can climb the rankings is unknown. Ray's $123.97 million tops the list by $62.82 million.   

Variety expects the Bob Marley film to gross $100 million domestically but must outgross Walk the Line overseas. Despite that, it will succeed.  

A $100 million domestic box office for Bob Marley: One Love would be unusual. Only 24 movies attained that milestone in 2023.  

Only two were biopics: the smash Oppenheimer and the controversial but profitable Sound of Freedom. The Marley film would be one of the few biopics to reach that threshold in 2024.  

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