Buddy Hield shares why he hoped to be traded from Indiana Pacers, Rick Carlisle says team wished to keep him


The city of Indianapolis — In various stories that surfaced over the course of the previous month, it was disclosed that Indiana Pacers guard Buddy Hield had expressed a desire to be traded by the team. 

In the end, that wish came true when Hield was traded to the Philadelphia 76ers as part of a deal that also included Indiana's Doug McDermott and draft picks.

"The decision that was made today was one of those that seemed to be not aiding the squad at this point in time. 

However, we are attempting to look at the long term, and I cannot stress this point enough with this group," stated Chad Buchanan, the general manager of the Pacers, in reference to the deal.

Hield averages 15.4 points and 5.2 assists for Philadelphia. With a calf injury, McDermott has only played six games for Indiana, averaging 3.2 points and 0.7 assists.

Hield spoke to Yahoo Sports' Jake Fischer about his career and getting traded again, and his words revealed how he felt this season and why he wanted to be traded.

"We asked early and you know how it goes if a team doesn't want to re-sign you. The game. When they claim they want to sign you then don't, the phone conversations don't keep going and it's like talking to a wall with no response "Hield told Fischer. 

Last offseason, the Pacers and Hield discussed a multi-year contract. Talks never worked. "You must honour your contract after that. It's a daily obligation to be professional. But I know the vibe was so different "Hield added.

Buchanan claimed Hield and the Pacers discussed extensions before the season. The team wants him this year. In September before the season, the GM said basketball business sometimes comes into play. We want Buddy. 

Move Buddy is not our goal. We must also listen for team-building opportunities. We must as front-office "added. No extension was finalised before the trade deadline, therefore the veteran shooting guard was dealt.

Hield said before the season that he would stay with Indiana in a perfect world. No contract was reached, therefore that flawless reality changed.

There were talks about extending Hield's contract, but they did not lead to a new deal, so the Pacers moved on. Fritz learned more from Hield about why he wanted to be moved.

"I think the hardest part was not being able to decide what to do." Like when you play games. There were a lot of guards, and we never knew who to play or what head coach Rick Carlisle would decide.

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