Deadpool 3's Main Villain Identity Reportedly Revealed (With Major X-Men Connection)

The main bad guy in Deadpool and Wolverine is said to have been exposed, and it seems to have a lot to do with an X-Men member.

Marvel Studios may have revealed Deadpool and Wolverine's main antagonist. The film will pit Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool and Hugh Jackman's Wolverine against the TVA and maybe introduce the Fox X-Men into the MCU. 

The movie's villain hasn't been revealed since its  announcement. Recent copyright registration reveals the film's cast. The U.S. Copyright Office lists Deadpool, Wolverine, Vanessa, Elektra, and, most intriguingly, Emma Corrin's Cassandra Nova as the   

As an X-Men hater, Nova is a natural villain for the film.Cassandra Nova fits Deadpool and Wolverine for a reason. Grant Morrison and Frank Quitel developed the character in New X-Men #114. 

She resembles Charles Xavier because they're brothers. Nova is Xavier's psychic opponent Mummudrai. Xavier killed Cassandra in the womb, but she survived.Her prolonged hatred of Xavier made Cassandra an X-Men villain.  

Nova slaughtered millions of mutants and destroyed Genosha during her career. Besides telepathy, she has limited telekinesis, phasing, and regeneration. Although a mutant, she hates mutants because of Xavier.

She only wants to kill her twin.Cassandra may be Marvel's major enemy in 2024 as Deadpool and Wolverine are the only Marvel Studios films. 

In a promo clip, her back of head is revealed. With Wade Wilson and Logan teaming together to defeat Cassandra Nova, additional X-Men may join them.

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