How to Get a Workout in While Traveling 

Rambod says preparing ahead is essential for staying on track in any field. Some cities may lack gyms, but most have at least a few hotels with decent gyms. 

Plan ahead

When you're short on equipment, a few easy-to-pack resistance bands can make all the difference, says Rambod, who trains top bodybuilders.

Check out a Band

Before starting your workout, assess your resources and make a plan.  Sometimes athletes message me in irritation that all they have is an adjustable bench and dumbbells. Imagine training arms with only an adjustable bench and dumbbells.

Get creative

Going heavy may not be possible with lighter free weights or machines with lighter stacks. Rambod advises getting used to a higher-rep regimen with less rest between sets to optimize training efficacy. 

Reps and Rest

Rambod always advocates exercising body portions that require more equipment and heavier weights at home if his customers will be traveling.“Arms and shoulders are easier to train at a small gym or hotel fitness center than legs or back. 

Train heavy before traveling

Enjoy your exercise time by exploring! Rambod always advises his clients not to sit on a treadmill and look at a wall for an hour in a lovely city with a skyline or path with breathtaking views.

Enjoy the scenery

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